Jews of Yemen – Customs, Culture and Folklore

In this page we provide some examples of Jewish Yemenite customs, folklore, poetry and music, as well as instruction for preparing a typical Yemenite flat bread.

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| Customs, Culture and Folklore

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Jewish Yemenite Poetry and Song

For the Jews of Yemen, poetry and song were a core part of their everyday existence. Much of this poetry reflected their longing and aspirations to return to the land of their forefathers (Zion). Below are some samples of poetry, some of which were written in the 17th century by one of the most famous poets, Rabbi Shalom Shabazi.

Amitai Aricha and Tom Fogel perform Rabbi Shalom Shabazi’s ‘Ahavat Dod’ during an evening of Jewish Yemenite music in the Bab al-Yemen Cafe/Bar in Jerusalem.

The song/poem ‘Koom Ahuv Libi Lezamer’ (Rise, Love of my Heart to Sing Hymns) is a Jewish Yemenite poem written by Mori Haim Yihyeh Sinuani and presented by Tom Fogel. This song poetically teaches young students how to pray.

Amitai Aricha Sings a New Rendition of an
Old Yemenite Jewish Poem ‘Im Nin’alu’ (If the Gates are Closed) by Rabbi Shalom Shabazi

Amitai Aricha Sings an Original Rendition of an
Old Yemenite Jewish Poem ‘ Elohai Eshala’ (Almighty, I Will Ask) by Rabbi Shalom Shabazi

Amitai Aricha Sings an Original New Rendition of an
Old Yemenite Jewish Poem ‘ Shevah Ashir’ (I will sing praises) Attributed to Rabbi Shalom Shabazi

Amitai Aricha Sings an Original New Rendition of an
Old Yemenite Jewish Poem ‘ Akave Hasdecha’ (Hoping for Your Grace) by Rabbi Shalom Shabazi

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Jewish Yemenite Cuisine

What is Lahuh (Lachuch)?
Lahuh is a pan-baked bread that was (and still is) typically enjoyed by the Jews of Yemen. This bread has a browned underside and a steamed top, resulting in a soft spongy flatbread.

Sara Ladani demonstrates how she makes lahuh (lachuch). She uses a three-pan process which makes it easier to prepare a large amount quickly. Sara Ladani was born in Yemen and moved to Israel in 1950.

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Jewish Yemenite Traditions and Folklore

Neomi Ladani reflects on some of the traditions and culture of the Jewish community in Yemen, which she experienced as a child.

Neomi describes games that she used to play as a child, her marriage ceremony at the age of eleven, and some of the medicinal remedies that she remembers from Yemen.

Jewish Yemenite Dance

The videos below show examples of typical Yemenite Jewish dances, performed by the Sei-Yona dancing group and choreographed by Malka Hajbi.

Sei-Yona dancing group performing Samai-Tani
Written by: Aharon Amram, Singer: Miryam Tzafri

Sei-Yona dance group performing Rais-Al-Mal

Sei-Yona dance group, with Malka Hajbi, performing Rais-Al-Mal

Sei-Yona dance group performing Habib-Galbi

Sei-Yona dance group performing Amrania

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