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Migratory & Roaming Birds   |—–|  Migratory Birds References
The Scent of Perfume|—–|  Perfume References
Life from the Dead Sea|—–|  Dead Sea References
Pigeons and Doves|—–|  Pigeon References
Jews of Yemen|—–|  Jews of Yemen References
All the World is a Stage

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About WysInfo Docuwebs

WysInfo offers documentaries created specifically for the Web.

These docuwebs comprise mixed media including text, images and videos. Unlike traditional linear documentaries, they are designed to be modular, searchable and interlinked.

Our goal is to provide a reliable source of information for web users, based on careful and original research, in simple English for a broad audience.

The topics that we select for our docuwebs are not limited to any specific theme or location and, with time, WysInfo will include a variety of subjects concerning culture, history, nature and our world as a whole.