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Question: What are migratory birds?

Answer: Migratory birds are those birds that move from one geographic region to another, typically on a seasonal basis. For example robins and doves are migratory because they leave a habitat and return to it annually.

Goldfinch - a migratory bird

Those of us who are lucky enough to live along the migration routes often look up with envy at the mass of birds rising up early at dawn, directing themselves south or north. Many of these birds are able to complete, within days, their journey of a few thousands of kilometers to their destination.

The truth of the matter is that one finds migration and nomadic existence among many other species. Each of them is interesting and exciting by itself.  But the core reason for all is the same –  the battle for survival. This is true for birds, for marine life as well as land-living creatures and human beings.

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Collage of Birds

While collecting materials for this docuweb we stumbled upon a great variety of birds – many were migratory. We decided to create a collage that shows a mixture of some of the birds that we encountered and documented... view our collage...
International Cooperation

Research on bird migration, and birds as a whole, crosses continents. It requires a great deal of resources, standardization, cooperation between countries and exchange of knowledge...go to this page...
The Story of the Migratory Birds of Hula Valley

Man’s intervention with nature has a potential to improve life around the globe, but it can also cause damage that may affect our lives for years. The story of the swamps of Hula offers a clear example of how fragile nature is... go to this page...
Birding in Eilat - Volunteer Birders

A birding festival, held by the Israel Society for the Protection of Nature and the IBRCE, annually attracts bird lovers from around the world...go to this page...
Birding in Eilat

Many hundreds of millions of birds fly over this area annually. Among them are migratory passerines, wading birds and raptors. What is impressive is not only the number of birds, but also the variety of species that flies through...go to this page...
Migratory Water Birds

Birds that prefer a water-based habitat share characteristics that enable them to adapt to such an environment. We look at sea birds, wading birds, shore birds and also problems that many of these birds pose for fish farms... go to this page...s
Birds of Prey

Different types of birds kill in order to eat. Some eat rodents; others eat fish, worms or other living creatures. However, birds that use their beaks in order to hunt are not necessarily ‘birds of prey’... go to this page...

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Murmuration of Starlings

Starlings are small to medium-sized song birds. Watch our video of a murmuration of starlings at twilight - a spectacular and fascinating phenomenon of collective behavior...go to this page...
How do Birds Fly?

What allows birds to fly? Nature granted birds characteristics necessary for flight – hollow light bones, a variety of feathers that serve different functions, wings that provide a large surface area compared to their size and weight...go to this page...
Birds without Boundaries

Why do birds migrate? How do birds navigate? Bird migration routes depend on topography of the land that forms the air currents which help birds rise high and glide hundreds of kilometres with minimum effort...go to this page...
Passerines and Songbirds

Passerines, also referred to as perching birds, are small to medium sized birds that make up more than half of approximately 11,200 bird species known to us today...go to this page...
Roaming Passerines - Vocals

While all birds communicate, only some of them are granted the quality of vocals at a level that befits, what we call, song birds...go to this page...

This docuweb includes Birds without Boundaries , How do Birds Fly? Passerines and Songbirds , Roaming Passerines – Vocals , Murmuration of Starlings , Birds of Prey, Vultures of Gamla, Migratory Water Birds, Birding in Eilat, Birding in Eilat – Volunteer Birders , The Story of the Migratory Birds of Hula Valley , International Cooperation , Collage of Birds .

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  1. Often they do, but don’t count on it. If conditions remain the same, the starlings are likely to return. However, we returned to the same spot where we filmed and found the starlings, at the same time of year, for the following two years and then they suddenly disappeared.

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