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WysInfo offers documentaries created specifically for the Web.

These documentaries comprise mixed media including text, images and videos. Unlike traditional linear documentaries, we design these docuwebs to be modular, searchable and interlinked.

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Migratory and other roaming birds

How birds fly, the how's and why's of migration, the Black Sea/Mediterranean and West Asian-East African Flyways, the relation between the study of migration, international cooperation and possible consequences of man's intervention with nature... go to page...
Smell and scent, perfume basics and the history of perfume

Production and trade of incense and perfume, the famous incense route which brought fragrance from the east to the west, and the design and manufacture of perfume containers, stimulating collectors around the world...go to page...
A window to the charming world of pigeons and doves

Pigeons and doves throughout history, looking at the columbidae family, pigeon breeding and also how to get rid of pigeons when they are a nuisance... go to page....

Watch a series of videos that show two baby pigeons born to the same parents.
The Dead Sea region - the lowest place on earth

The geological structure, history, indigenous fauna and flora growing near this salty sea. We also look at the unique therapeutic properties of the water and environment, the industry, agriculture and future plans for bringing water back to the shrinking sea...go to page....
“All The World Is A Stage”

This project aims to promote the development of video clips showcasing classic poems, monologues or songs by professionals or amateurs. The clips can be made using anything from professional equipment to smartphones...go to page...
The Jews of Yemen

Their history going back thousands of years in Yemen and culminating in the journey of almost the entire community to the land of their ancestors – the land of Israel.

We look at their relations with local neighbors in Yemen, connections with Jewish communities elsewhere, and also their culture and folklore...go to page…

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