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The video ‘He’s Alive Again’ is part of the ‘All the World is a Stage’ project, initiated by Wysinfo in order to encourage international cooperation through culture.

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He’s Alive Again – Performed by the Deeper Life Bible Church Choir

About the video content

This video includes portions of a sermon interposed with the hymn ‘He’s Alive Again’.

Segments of the sermon...

Section 1
The reality of who you are,
Is the man inside,
The woman inside.
You see this thing you are seeing now?
Very soon, very soon,
It will drop to where it belongs
And the reality will just go
Because you are made not to die
You will not die..Amen. Amen.
Your spirit be included with body
And very soon this body will be so weak and tired
And the body will say “I want to go”
And you say “Ok…body go…”
That’s when we say somebody died
You will not die.
Your spirit will live forever and forever.
What more that matters
Where are you going to spend eternity?
Is it in the kingdom of God or in hell fire?
Only Jesus can save us.
And I pray that today
You will be wise in Jesus’ name.

Section 2
[They will]….Sanctify him
So that their life will be an example to the people around them
Brother and sister
That is important.
It is a serious need for us to be sanctified
And until you are sanctified
You are still going to be in consistent dragging with the Lord,
Consistent battle with the Lord
Because the propensity and depravity in us
Will not allow you to enjoy your Christianity.

Section 3
Zealots of good works
That’s what God wants
That we are going to manifest good works
According to the will of God.
That we are going to perfect the will of God here on earth,
And the name of the Lord will be glorified in Jesus’ name.

Section 4
…He says it is finished
…..we have the privilege
To enter into the peace of God
Through You and in Your name
And Lord, we pray
That this day, as we celebrate this freedom
Let Your presence and power
Continue to abide with us in Jesus’ name,
Lord, as we come to this section now,
At the time to hear,
The words of the Lord,
To be taught in words of the Lord,
Father, we pray that by your Holy Spirit,
You will minister to us in Jesus’ name. Amen.
You will open our eyes of understanding,
And you will reveal the supernatural mystery,
Of the resurrection power.
Unto your people, in the name of Jesus.
Lord, no satanic influence
No demonic power
Has any right in this camp now. Amen.
No soul will be manipulated in Jesus’ name. Amen.
Lord, I surrender every heart unto you.
Let Your Will be done.
And let Your Name be glorified. Amen
In Jesus’ mighty name we pray.

About the participants

Pastor Festus. T. Agu with the Deeper Life Bible Church choir and members of the congregation.

The video was recorded during services at the Deeper Life Bible Church of southern Tel Aviv, Israel. This is a branch of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry with Headquarters in Nigeria, Lagos. The Tel Aviv branch typically includes 50 members who came to Israel from various different countries around the world. In this video Pastor Agu preaches about the word of God and Godly living.

The church offers support to its congregation as well as to members of the surrounding neighborhood.  It functions as a charitable organization, offering help to those around them in need.

About the location

South Tel Aviv includes a variety of different communities including original residents from the early years of Tel Aviv, as well as a large number of migrant workers from Africa, China, Southeast Asia, Europe and South America. In recent years, there was also a large influx of refugees, mainly from Africa.

For many years the area of south Tel Aviv was considered weak economically and socially. Due to the cheap accommodations, the area attracted various groups of foreign workers and also a substantial number of illegal immigrants. This put an extra load on the public services, and together with language barriers, different mentalities and a sense of lack of security, it occasionally created social confrontations with the local residents.

The authorities have attempted to address the problems and you gradually see positive changes. There are now a number of large parks with well-equipped and maintained playgrounds that are safe for children. Generally there is greater awareness and participation on the part of the communities in the area.

The tapestry of nationalities and cultures found in the area results in a diversity of customs as well as an exotic assortment of ethnic foods that are not typically found in the rest of the country.