Videos Part 2: A New Sibling Squab

This page includes a series of videos that show the development of a new baby pigeon, born to a family that already has a brother squab.

Baby pigeon sibling - all grown and flying with her brother
Baby pigeon sibling – after she is grown and ready to fly with her brother

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June 16th - 17th - new baby pigeonJune 23rd - mother and baby pigeon June 24th morning - mother feeding squab June 24th PM - mother and squab June 28th - pigeon family relations

In this sequence of videos you will see…

First Days of the New Pigeon Sibling

June 16th -17th – The pigeon family has a new baby

Pigeons typically breed a few times a year – usually laying 2 eggs each time. Occasionally only one egg hatches.

This is the second round of eggs for these parents – so they now have some experience.

It may be little but there’s no doubt that this pigeon knows what it wants.

In this video we see the tenacity of the new baby, determined to find protection….

This baby is persistent in its effort to crawl under the father for protection. Despite the fact that it is only a couple of days old and still very weak, it succeeds. Interestingly, the parents are not in a hurry to remove the second egg that didn’t hatch.

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Video is 25 seconds (Short and sweet – only a little bit of action)

June 23rd

The new baby is left alone which could be dangerous with the birds of prey in the neighborhood. The baby is not aware of the danger.

The baby is trying very hard to turn around, and gets tired after the effort – so tired that it doesn’t even get excited when the mother returns.

Don’t worry, the mother soon comes back.

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Video is 1 min 3 seconds (Shows development at this stage and shows how the mother climbs on top of the baby)

Mother Feeds New Baby Pigeon

June 24th – Morning

In this video we see the mother feeding the baby.

Eventually she gets tired but the baby keeps poking her, and obviously wants to continue feeding.

Pay attention to how the mother pigeon feeds the baby. 

The baby pushes its beak inside the mother’s beak and draws ‘pigeon milk’ from the mother’s crop. This milk is highly nutritious and is produced from grains within the crop – a chamber inside the mother’s neck.

After a period of feeding the baby is still hungry, but the mother is already tired. When it’s clear that there is no more food at this time, it crawls between the mother’s legs and takes a rest.

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Video is 1 min 13 sec (Shows mother feeding baby squab)

June 24th – Afternoon

The baby is still hungry — the mother is still tired…

This hungry baby pigeon keeps trying, but the mother is too tired to feed it.

Eventually the baby, once again, accepts warmth and comfort as a substitute for food.

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Video is 1 min 10 sec (Shows interesting relations between mother and baby squab)

Mother and Father Pigeons Communicate

June 28th

In this interesting video we get a glimpse of the parents communicating.

In what seems to be a very orderly exchange of duties, one parent replaces the other – but it appears as though there is tension between them.

Watch and decide for yourself.

The parents appear to be communicating

The mother does not want to (or cannot) feed the squab, so the father steps in. However, if you look carefully, the mother never actually leaves. She is standing behind the plants the whole time – even after the father flies away.

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Video is 2 minutes. (If you only watch one movie – watch this one!)

Both the brother and sister pigeons grew up and, while they left their nests, they were often seen together with the parents in the same neighborhood – true to their homing instincts and their natural family orientation.

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