Videos Part 1: Life of a Baby Pigeon - New Feathers

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May 26th
ranking starsranking stars Video 6/13 (56 sec) - Very little activity but you see marked changes in baby's feathers.

In three short days the baby already has developed new feathers - with patches of soft white on its head and back. At the bottom of the page, below the video viewer, there are pictures of the baby with seeds on the ground that were left by the father.

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June 1st - 2nd - Almost 2 weeks old

Baby pigeon with wheat on ground Baby pigeon with wheat left by the father

June 1st - The father dropped seeds on the ground to teach the baby to eat. The seeds are usually partially digested.

June 2nd - For a long time the baby ignored the seeds. Finally it tried to eat them, but this baby pigeon still preferred crop milk and only nibbled.


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