Dead Sea – Citations and References

This web site is based on the documentary film “Life from the Dead Sea”, produced by Yigal Tzadok in 1982. The web site is updated on an ongoing basis to reflect the current state of the Dead Sea and related issues. 

The research for the film was based on information provided by:

Rockefeller Museum, Jerusalem
Tel Aviv University
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Israel Museum
Israel Film Service
The Greek Orthodox Church, Jerusalem
Authority of Natural Reserves
The Association for Preservation of Nature
Authority of National Parks
Health Resorts Authority
Institute for Geological Survey of Israel
Institute for Petroleum Research and Geographrics
Oil Exploration Investments Ltd.
The Tamar Regional Council
Dead Sea Works
Ormat Industries
Kibbutz Ein Gedi
Neot Hakikar

In addition, the film included personal interviews with experts such as:
Professor Yigael Yadin, 
Shlomo Drori from Neve Zoar,
Uri Amitai, Geologist
Yossi Fauxembaum, Agriculturist
Dr. H. Soffer, Agronomist 
Dr. Jacob Saidi, M.D.
Prof. Zvi Even-Paz M.D., 
Representatives of Ormat Industries,
Representatives of the Dead Sea Works