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“All The World Is A Stage” is a project initiated by Wysinfo in order to encourage international cooperation through culture.

We call on broadcasters, web developers or individuals to join us in this effort to nurture a love of poetry and literature from around the world.

This project aims to promote the development of video clips, designed for the web, showcasing classic poems or monologues recited by professional or amateur actors. The clips can be made using anything from professional equipment to smartphones.

  • Basic-requirements
  • How-to-participate
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All The World's A Stage  background-picture-filler_170_170  Road_not_taken_David_979_979  background-picture-filler_170_170  background-picture-filler_170_170  A Midsummer Night's Dream  background-picture-filler_170_170  How Calmly Does The Olive Branch   background-picture-filler_170_170  background-picture-filler_170_170  background-picture-filler_170_170  background-picture-filler_170_170  background-picture-filler_170_170  background-picture-filler_170_170  background-picture-filler_170_170

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